Thursday, June 16, 2011


While our dog Had new puppies,she went into labor on Sunday am and we thought she was done with five, but I felt her tummy and lo and behold. I was sure I felt 2 more.we called up on the Vet.
To make a long story short we ended up babysitting her till Monday morning and took her to the vet clinic when it opened.C-section later and losing two of the puppies. so we ended up feeding the puppies for a bit while she recovered, she started feeding and everything looked good, but little runt wasn't looking very good so we started feeding him,but with no luck I am sad to say he did not make it. For a little dog to have seven puppies it's way too many. so she has four very healthy puppies, and she is very protective of them,and she will not be having anymore.


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