Saturday, June 11, 2011

I did not fall off the edge of the earth

Well a few months ago, I thought I was having a problems with my camera. All of a sudden I noticed my photos not being very sharp, looking a little soft and not quite in focus. My wife kept telling me they look good to her, but I did not listen. I sent My D. 300 in to get fixed because I dropped it and did quite a bit of damage. Including totally wrecking my favorite Lens, my 24x70 2.8.which I missed it dearly. And still have not replaced it. So I figured as soon as I got it back I would send my D. 700 into Nikon to get them to take a look and see if there was a problem. While I received my D. 300 Nikon back from the repairs, which total damage was $500, plus Nikon did whole bunch of warranty work which would've cost over $1200 if they did not cover that, so I was pretty happy about that. So I took a bunch of pictures and was not impressed at all because every picture I took was soft and out of focus. Very discouraged, I kept trying a bit one day I was sitting on my computer, and my wife said to me there is nothing wrong with that photo. I satback from the computer a few feet and put on my classes and lo and behold a sharp image. Conclusion I need to get my eyes checked again. 2 1/2 months trying to figure out what was wrong with my gear,and all it is is old age Dame that is not cool at all.that's my story and I'm keeping to it. Here are a few photos from Garrard River located in British Columbia,on the May long weekend. These rainbow trout weigh as much as 20 to 40lb.please let me know what you think all comments are greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Dave Bennewith

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  1. Hey Dave, sorry I am NEVER here when you call...truth be told I am hardly ever at home any more!! I LOVE your new fish shots...makes me want to come to Rev as soon as possible. I promise promise I will be here this weekend so call me again if you have time.... I lost your number... AGAIN...I know i know...