Saturday, April 17, 2010

Daily photo

Went to Vancouver for a couple of days for my grandson's heart operation at the Vancouver Children's Hospital. Every time I go there it is quite the experience, emotionally draining. So the doctors said he went through the operation like a rock star. So I believe that is good. But in the recovery room he started building up fluids on his lungs, and was going to give him another chest tub to drain the fluids. So they did an x-ray and decided to try a different kind of medication so the fluids run out on their on , out of the already existing tubes he has in his chest. So if everything goes well he will only have to spend one more day in intensive care and he should be able to move to the children's ward which will be better. The day before the operation I had the opportunity to take some photos of him. And visit for a while. He told me that he was going into the hospital for a tuneup and that it was going to be okay. So here are a few photos of Zane the night before his operation.


  1. What a little sweetie, Grandads awsome little man.

  2. That is one tough little kid. He is already back home after that surgery he had. Unbelievable. Thanks for all the great comments Brenda.