Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daily photo old stuff.

Good day everyone. I think I missed a few days not sure how I did that but I did. Actually it is pretty easy it seems they're really pushing us to get smarter in school these days. we end up with twice as much homework as we have been going to class. Oh well not complaining too loud. Just coming down to the wire. Two more months can't wait for this to end. It'll be nice to get back home to a real shower. Anyways here's a photograph of my family. And I probably will miss a few more days before the end of this school year so don't be too upset with me and keep track of the days I missed and just have to add it on to my 365 day project. And Brenda I believe that tree is a apricot tree. Thanks for looking and thanks for all the comments, awesome.

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  1. Thanks, and you keep up the good work, I haven't been checking everyday as Income tax has taken over my life for the past little while but tomorrow is APRIL 30TH. I love that day. I am not done but I have tried to get all of it done by tomorrow but the last couple days people have been pilling stuff in my office so I will just keep plugging along until it is all done.