Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daily photo

I had an excellent morning the other day shooting with Megan. Check out her panorama is excellent fantastic nothing bad to say about that shot, her new address is www.689 photography.com/blog have a look it is excellent. The beaver story is true and she did scream very loud very very loud and then she was surprised the beaver swam away. The look on her face was a picture I wanted but I didn't get it. This will be a story to tell for many years of what not to do when photographing wildlife. Sorry Megan but I had to tell the story I didn't have the photograph.


  1. Dave I love the story just as much as you do. I would never be mad that you told anyone!! LOL

  2. These photos are absolutely beautiful! That combination of the reflection and the transparency in the water in the one with the leaves makes it so interesting. That's art for sure!