Monday, January 18, 2010

Daily photo

This was a lot of fun. And made a real big mass. Techie talk Nikon D. 300,24x70 2.8Sigma with a nikon sb800 flash, camera on tripod with a cable shutter release .f-stop.5 exposure1/60,iso200. focal length 70 mm. I would try this again but I would try going up to F9 or F11. And change my ISOs to 800 or 1000. I would get a little bit better depth of field and try to keep the same shutter speed or faster. And it would also help to have a second person. And the popcorn that didn't end up on the floor I ate it, it wasn't that bad. And a UV filter is a must getting the grease off of it was easier iam sure then trying to get it off the lens.


  1. haha awesome! I love the narrow depth of field in the 2nd photo - definitly distinguishes that jumping kernal! I wondered why you said you had a mess in the shack! :)